6th Grade Curriculum

6th Grade Bloc: Language Arts, Social Studies

    Language Arts

    • Reading: finding information, evidence, theme, point of view and plot from a text. Determine meaning of unknown words from context. Analyze, compare and contrast different forms and genres of literature.
    • Writing: write to support claims with clear reasons, write explanations, and write narratives using appropriate style and techniques and include conclusions.
    • Speaking: Speak effectively in a variety of discussions, present findings, adapt speech to different contexts and include multi-media components
    • Language: use proper conventions (capitalizations, punctuation, spelling), learn appropriate vocabulary, and understand parts of speech

    Social Studies

    • Includes study of the ancient civilizations from the Stone Age through the Fall of Rome using the language arts skills above.


  • The course reviews operations with fractions and decimals. It also covers ratios, proportions and percents. Beginning algebraic notation, one-step equations and integers also covered.


  • The course includes several weeks of health and three quarters of physical science. Topic areas deal with the scientific method, matter, chemistry, electricity, force, motion, energy, and the universe.


  • Taught as part of science. Health topics include the dangers of alcohol use, healthy eating, digestion, injury prevention, disease prevention and promotion of sexual health.

Related Arts

  • Art
    A variety of art activities will be explored in creating art projects. Opportunity is provided to become acquainted with concepts and possibilities for creative art.

  • P.E.
    Conditioning and basic skill will be introduced through a variety of individual and team activities. Conditioning is stressed to help the student achieve increased physical fitness.

  • STEM Engineering
    An introduction to the study of engineering and technology used in industry, and in the garden. Students will participate in various "hands-on" activities using tools and equipment. Safety is stressed.

  • STEM Lab
    An introduction to the study of science, technolgy, engineering and math in a computer lab setting. Students will be introduced to practices and computer skills used in industry, will learn basic electronics and experimentation.


  • Orchestra
    A classes for violin, viola, cello and string bass students who have no previous playing experience or those who have some previous experience. Basic instruction in orchestra playing techniques and orchestra music is emphasized.

  • Band
    For 6th grade students who wish to learn to play a wind or percussion instrument. No previous knowledge of music is necessary.