8th Grade Curriculum

8th Grade Bloc: Language Arts, Social Studies

    Language Arts

    • Reading: finding information, evidence, theme, point of view and plot from a text. Determine meaning of unknown words from context. Analyze, compare and contrast different forms and genres of literature.
    • Writing: write to support claims with clear reasons, write explanations, and write narratives using appropriate style and techniques and include conclusions.
    • Speaking: Speak effectively in a variety of discussions, present findings, adapt speech to different contexts and include multi-media components
    • Language: use proper conventions (capitalizations, punctuation, spelling), learn appropriate vocabulary, and understand parts of speech

    Social Studies

    • The study of American history using the language arts skills above.


  • Focuses on algebraic skills of solving equations, linear equations, data analysis, geometric shapes, and the Pythagorean Theorem.


  • An introductory course in earth science dealing with the topics of meteorology, atmosphere, oceanography and geology of the Earth. The course also often includes the topic of astronomy.


  • Topics of study include dangers of illegal drug use; mental, social & emotional health; disease prevention and promotion of sexual health and are taught as part of the science curriculum.

Electives (lasts 1 semester)

  • Art
    An expanded study of art concepts and processes using a variety of materials is a part of this course. Study emphasizes creative problem solving and learning to appreciate and respond to art in the world around us.
  • P.E.
    A continuation of skills learned in grade 7. Conditioning and development of basic skills will be introduced through a variety of individual and team activities. Conditioning will be stressed to help the student achieve increased physical fitness.
  • STEM Engineering
    An introduction to the study of engineering and technology used in industry. Students will participate in various "hands-on" activities using tools and equipment. Safety is stressed.

  • STEM Lab
    An introduction to the study of science, technolgy, engineering and math in a computer lab setting. Students will be introduced to practices and computer skills used in industry. They will also learn basic electronics using microprocessors, and the processes of designing and developing products.

  • Orchestra
    A classes for violin, viola, cello and string bass students who have no previous playing experience or those who have some previous experience. Basic instruction in orchestra playing techniques and orchestra music is emphasized. Advanced orchestra is offered to students with more advanced abilities and experience.

  • Band
    For students who wish to learn to play a wind or percussion instrument. No previous knowledge of music is necessary. Advanced band and concert band are offered to students with more advanced abilities and experience.
  • Choir
    For students who wish to learn to sing well. No previous knowledge of music is necessary. Advanced choirs are offered to students with more advanced abilities and experience.

  • Office Assistant
    For students who wish to help in a specific teacher's classroom, the office, or in the library. This is only available to students with good grades and behavior. Selection is determined after submitting an application to the vice principal.
  • Academic Assistant
    Practical experience assisting the teaching staff with operations of their respective program areas.
  • Library Assistant
    Students assist in the daily operation of the library. Students use reference tools and audio visual equipment.