Hamlin at a Glance (Spanish version):

Hamlin believes that our mission is to help each student achieve his or her full potential.  Their experience at Hamlin occurs during one of the most challenging times in his or her life—the adolescent years.  They will change from holding hands with their parents in public, to not even wanting to be seen with them (except maybe when they are chauffeured to the mall).  This is a time when students need nurturing, clear directions, and positive feedback.  It is a wonderful time in their lives.  Students, parents and staff need to partner together to make these years a success.

We have structured the school to make it easier for your child to succeed.  We have teams of 6th, 7th and 8th grade teachers who will work together to help your child through his/her three years at Hamlin.  Students are scheduled according to grade level and are, for the most part, supported in the same building with like grade level students. This will help your child to really develop a bond with his/her teachers and fellow students.

At Hamlin, each sixth grade student is assigned to two main teachers.  These teachers team together to instruct your child in the seven required courses.  Your student will have Language Arts and Social Studies from one teacher and Math and Science from the other.   In addition, students have the choice of taking a yearlong music course, PE/Health, or one of the survey programs.  The music courses are either Orchestra or Beginning Band.  Survey courses are Art, Industrial Technology, Computers and Spanish.

Seventh and Eighth grade students have one teacher for Language Arts and Social Studies, and separate teachers for all other classes. These students also get two survey choices and can choose from the options listed above as well as, Choir, and leadership roles as classroom, office, and Moffitt helpers.

In addition, as a title school, students may be selected to participate in support classes in the area of reading or math, dependent on their needs. All students are scheduled a FLEX class which is specifically catered to their individual needs. A student who is TAG in literacy will be receiving enhanced teaching,  a student who is low in math will be receiving re-teaching or focused instruction in deficit areas.

Hamlin believes building on student successes.  We have Hamlin Pride Assemblies and Celebrations throughout the year in which we honor students who have been successful in academics, behavior, and culture.  We also showcase the Band, Orchestra, Choir classes.  Hamlin students have a lot of PRIDE--Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Embrace Community.  Our students will make the world a better place.

Hamlin Basics:


  • All students will share a locker.
  • Coats and backpacks must be stored in lockers (no backpacks in class).
  • Books for other Bloc classes will need to be stored in lockers (desks are shared).

The Binder:

  • Students have Hamlin Planners that help them stay organized.  These will be purchased at registration.
  • Students fill out their Planners every period.
  • All papers filed in proper order.


  • 30-60 minutes total per night.
  • Assignments must be completed and turned in on time.
  • Assignments are given due dates/times.
  • Absent: Student is given two days for each day gone.  The student is responsible for checking on assignments.


  • Grades are posted in class for students each week. All teachers post grades and late work under the student ID number. These can be accessed at anytime by parents via our website.
  • Report cards are issued once a quarter.
  • Mid-term parent contact occurs four times a year for students receiving a C- grade or below.
  • Full Credit: Assignment is in on time and complete.
  • Half Credit: Assignment is late (not absent).


  • Hamlin is a Harassment-Free Zone—If it occurs, it is not tolerated.
  • Hamlin Pride is very important.  Students will have Pride lessons throughout the year.
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Embrace Community

Student Responsibilities:

  • School presently starts at 8:20 and ends at 3:05.
  • Arrive to class prepared and on time.
  • Keep track of grades and missing work.
  • Have a set study time and place at home.
  • Hamlin Planner: Up to date and able for parents and teachers to read.
  • A reading book in each class.  This is to help students work on the building-wide goal of improving their reading ability.