Hamlin Computer Lab Calendar:

The computer lab, library computers, laptop carts, and the library are now done through your school e-mail account.  It automates scheduling.

From your e-mail click on the down arrow next to "New" and select "Meeting Request."

Scheduling pic 1

In the next window, complete the following boxes:

  • To: Enter your e-mail address
  • Resources: Enter @ HMS Lab, @ HMS Library, # HMS Cart 1, # HMS Cart 2, or # HMS Cart 3, (If you've never scheduled before, click on "Resources..." for a search box.) The Location is automatically pasted in with a valid resource.
  • Subject: What to show in the description on your calendar
  • UNcheck "Request a response to this invitation"
  • Start time exactly (you can type over the pull-down options)
  • End time exactly

StaffCalendar pic 2

To see when the resource is available, click on the "Scheduling Assistant" tab. The green and red lines represent the starting and ending times. In the example below, the resource is already booked for the time being requested and would be denied.

StaffCalendar pic 3

Once you have booked the location (resource) you will receive an e-mail approving or denying your request and an entry in your calendar appears. You can see you calendar by clicking at the bottom left of your e-mail:

Scheduling pic 4


WARNING: An appointment is made in your calendar even if booking is denied, so please note the e-mail which clearly says whether the booking it is accepted or denied.